Jim King

Jim is our financial guru with more than three decades of financial and budget analysis, banking, corporate administrative management, advertising, marketing and small-business ownership under his svelte belt. But everything he needed to know about hard work, team building and embracing the unexpected he learned as a roughneck on an offshore oil rig.

His wisdom, judgment and calm under fire make him the rudder that guides R&R’s success and stability. He oversees the agency’s auxiliary business interests, joint ventures, acquisitions, real estate holdings and served as the de facto general contractor on the agency’s 70,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. As Chairman of the R&R Partners Foundation, he is particularly proud of the agency’s charitable arm, which has donated over $6 million in marketing services to assist local nonprofits in developing their messages and promoting their causes. He has also been an active board member on numerous other nonprofit boards and currently serves on the board of Meadows Bank.

Jim joined R&R as an account executive after an early career in banking and finance, drawn to the ad business for its use of creativity to solve the profit/loss puzzle. Years later, having worked his way up to the corner office, he’s our homegrown CFO, still embracing the unexpected.