Connecting With Pet Parents Across Southern Nevada

Promoted as one of the world’s biggest pro-bono brainstorm sessions, R&R employees would develop ideas for ten non-profit organizations, with the Animal Foundation ultimately being voted on as the charity the R&R Partners Foundation would help in their cause.

The How

In working with The Animal Foundation, R&R would turn to its Create – Build – Protect-the-Brand tool kit to guide developing messaging for the non-profit. In analyzing The Animal Foundation’s existing awareness within the community, it was determined that their brand already owned a certain level of recognition with audiences. However, the animal rescue world is inundated with sad, heartbreaking campaigns that utilize images of depressing shelters and sweet animal faces behind bars of a cage. R&R strategized that another campaign that used guilt as the main motivator would become completely lost among all the other animal rescue appeals.

R&R’s strategy would instead be built around messaging that identifies the benefits of pet ownership. Our job would be to create a campaign that’s unexpected. One that breaks through with a lighthearted approach as it creates demand and identifies the organization’s mission to increase adoptions through the shelter.

The Work

When the subject is cute, adorable and adoptable dogs and cats, a campaign like this practically writes itself. While concepting for creative solutions, the R&R team ended up talking about their own pets – what about all the ways pets enrich our lives? This led to the birth of our “In-Fur-Mercial” campaign, a nod to the classic infomercial, but with a twist. Clearly tongue-in-cheek, our campaign features pets as if they were products. Products that have a number of exceptionally handy benefits to have around the house, like a reliable early-morning-cat alarm clock, or your own personal trainer – in the guise of a dog that demands you take him on walks.

Utilizing :30 and :15 TV spots, radio, outdoor, print ads, and creating social media assets for Facebook and Instagram, as well as web banners and an In-Fur-Mercial-themed landing page for the Animal Foundation’s website, our campaign targets pet lovers by giving them plenty of fun, beneficial excuses to adopt a furry new friend from the Animal Foundation.

The Result