Child Focus “Gift of Giving” Program

Since 1999, Child Focus has been the sole nonprofit in Clark County devoted to the mission of preserving the sibling bonds of children who are separated within foster care. Through clinical case management, programming, events and activities, Child Focus provides opportunities for children in foster care to heal, grow, and maintain their sibling bonds during this difficult chapter in their lives.

In Southern Nevada, there are over 3,200 children living in foster care. Of those children, 45 percent are unable to be placed in foster care with their siblings. Once separated, the majority of these children are never reunited as one family unit

In a collaboration designed to expand the reach of services available to siblings in foster care, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children acquired Child Focus in March of 2012. By joining forces, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children and Child Focus are creating even greater opportunities to serve these children through expanded services, care, expertise and support.

Since many children in foster care are unable to spend the holidays with their siblings, Child Focus brings them together each year at the Circus Circus Adventure Dome for a day of fun and exchanging of holiday gifts. These gifts are donated by members of the community in response to letters written by the children. The siblings arrive at Santa’s Workshop inside the Adventure Dome to pick up the donated gifts, wrap them and present them to each other. During November, 63 volunteers from R&R Partners adopted 64 children and donated gifts totaling an estimated $3,500 to $5,250. In addition, 13 volunteers from R&R Partners worked 74 hours setting up Santa’s Workshop; helping the children with “shopping” and wrapping the gifts for their siblings; and post-event clean-up.