World’s Biggest Pro Bono Brainstorm

Our Convention kicked off by utilizing the brainpower from all employees across the nation, across all disciplines, to participate in a giant ideation session. We put our creative juices and strategic thinking to work for ten amazing non-profit organizations. Two were selected as our new Foundation recipients!


“What a day…. The ideas were priceless, the process was inspiring and we are thinking bigger because of you and your team.”

Lindy Schumacher, Fulfillment Fund

“I was very impressed with the ideas that came from our group and felt that we can use a lot of them … R & R is a fantastic firm and I would recommend them highly to anyone. Thank you so much!”

Liz Zentner, Utah PTA President

“NPHY feels lucky to have been selected to participate and we learned so much.”

Arash Ghafoori, NV Partnership for Homeless Youth

“Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it! I had a great time with some awesome creative people!”

Cheryl Ruettiger, Rudy Foundation

“I was really energized by meeting so many motivated people devoted to worthwhile causes.”

Kristine Fitton, The Trust for the National Mall