Pets Are Exciting Multi-use Tools in These Fantastic Infomercials for an Animal Shelter Every house needs one

Cats aren’t just great alarm clocks. They’re also excellent sleeping masks.
Two gag infomercials for the Animal Foundation animal shelter in Las Vegas (created by agency R&R Partners) hawk exciting new multi-purpose products for your home—”Pet Cat” and “Pet Dog.”
Dogs are surprisingly efficient vacuum cleaners and capable concierges. What else can they do? “The list goes on and on,” the voiceover assures you—and you should pause it while it’s scrolling by, because most of the options are great (even if maybe one too many is about warming some body part … as accurate as that may be).

The writing is sharp and funny, the acting perfectly overdone, and the voiceover as cheesy as possible—dead-on parody. Each pet even comes with a free accessory—for the dog, a leash, aka an instant gym attachment, and for the cat, a paper bag (it’s better than having a TV).
So hurry up and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Litter box and Nature’s Miracle not included.