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While eliminating pet overpopulation in Southern Nevada has been the mission of The Animal Foundation for many years, the number of homeless pets is still overwhelming. With more than 45,000 unwanted, lost, neglected and abandoned animals every year, the challenge to find permanent homes for them and reduce the perpetual birthrate of unwanted animals through spay and neutering is the ultimate goal of the foundation.

They asked R&R to focus on building awareness in the community about the foundation, and animal adoptions in particular in order to increase the adoption rate from the shelter. Founded in 1978 as a small, low-cost spay and neuter clinic, today the foundation utilizes three types of positive placement for all pets that come through their doors:

  • Return to owner – an attempt to reunite a lost pet with its owner.
  • Transfer to rescue partner – working with breed-specific or niche rescue organizations, with foster homes and resources to help keep animals indefinitely.
  • Adoptions – the largest percentage of positive placements with over 50% of animals being placed this way.

Of all the positive placements options, the biggest challenge for The Animal Foundation is finding forever homes for the many highly adoptable and lovable dogs and cats housed at the shelter.

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