Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

Since 1941, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada (CCOSN) has provided social service programs for: infants, children, families, seniors, the homeless; people interested in adoption, and refugees in need of resettlement. Their mission, to give help and hope to people in need, regardless of race, religion or creed, is the guiding force behind the 24 separate programs that they operate annually.

When they came to R&R Partners for help, they were in dire financial straits. Research quickly told us that they needed to educate the public that their mission of service applied to all Southern Nevadans, which would open additional fundraising doors. We designed a multi-level communications plan that incorporated a redesigned logo, new print and broadcast ads, a redesigned Web site and a series of editorial board meetings with local media outlets. This proactive outreach reenergized the CCOSN brand and taught their community relations staff how to work with the media to share their success stories, which continue to appear year round.

Case Studies

  • Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada

    Since one of their greatest needs will always be feeding the homeless and working poor, R&R brought together Albertson’s and Lotus Broadcasting to create several food drives, including the...

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