Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

It’s no secret that the economic downturn has hit the Las Vegas valley harder than other U.S. cities. The financial pressures and social problems that stem from this have made the need for affordable, trustworthy legal services more urgent than ever before. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit law firm, is the last line of defense for people facing homelessness due to foreclosure, wage garnishment and bankruptcy; for domestic violence victims trying to escape their abusers and protect their children; for foster children striving to have their voices heard in court; and for senior citizens facing a range of issues. The attorneys and staff of Legal Aid Center believe that it is their societal responsibility to ensure that these vulnerable residents have access to due process for their civil legal challenges.

Toward this goal, they partnered with the Eighth Judicial District Court and the Clark County Justice Courts in 2010 to open the new Civil Law Self Help Center, located on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center. Since its inception, the center helped more than 125,000 individuals with legal problems, 78 percent of which had household incomes under $30,000. But this service is by no means limited to the poor. Underserved middle class residents, who often cannot afford to hire an attorney but earn above Legal Aid Center’s income guidelines, are enormously grateful for the reliable, professional advice that they receive at the Civil Law Self Help Center.

Case Studies

  • Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

    Since 2008, the R&R Foundation has helped Legal Aid Center undergo a major brand transformation and launch a capital campaign for a much-needed new facility. In just three short years, they hired...

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