Nevada Museum of Art

The R&R Foundation believes that a healthy arts community promotes a better quality of life in the cities in which R&R Partners does business. In Reno, two ambitious organizations – The Nevada Museum of Art and Arte ITALIA – create art and societal experiences intended to provoke conversation and investigation. The R&R Foundation supports their joint efforts with campaigns aimed at increasing museum attendance and philanthropic support.

As its name implies, Arte ITALIA’s mission is that of promoting the exploration and conservation of Italian art and culture. A beautiful demonstration of that ethos was the landmark exhibition of Raphael’s Renaissance masterpiece “The Woman with the Veil.” Despite significant disadvantages, Arte ITALIA and the Museum were able to secure the exhibition rights for this fabled work, beating out an elite cadre of notable metropolitan museums. The event was to be an historic one for Reno, and our charge was to generate the buzz, media coverage, and attendance it so aptly deserved.

Case Studies

  • Reno Gets the Girl

    In typical R&R fashion, we set our sights high, aspiring to create a mutinous celebration of this cultural coup. And we achieved it, by exploiting the bidding-war narrative behind the visit of...

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