TIOPA – Santuario de Luz

The bedrock of R&R Partners’ corporate citizenship is our desire to give back. Rather than writing a check, however, we teach charities how to tell their brand stories. By adopting them as pro bono clients, we help them to rebrand themselves − from their logo to their website to public relations outreach − enabling them to more effectively raise funds and bring their life-changing work to many more in need.

Tiopa_Carlos-&-Doctor-laughingWhen we opened our newest office in Mexico City, Mexico, with our partner agency CMV, we knew almost immediately who our Mexico pro bono client would be – the legendary Carlos Santana. For many years, Carlos’ Milagro Foundation has been supporting a tiny health clinic in his hometown of Autlán de Navarro, located in Jalisco, Mexico. Tiopa Santuario de Luz is a well-respected, soulful clinic that serves a small town of about 60,000 people. Carlos holds this tiny clinic close to his heart and is now looking to bring the miracle of Telehealth to the region. Telehealth is growing in popularity in rural areas of the U.S. as well, as it brings top doctors and medical care via videoconferencing directly from major hospitals to rural health care facilities.

Autlán’s poor and underserved residents are cared for by Dr. Martin Sandoval Gomez, the angel of mercy who founded Tiopa Santuario de Luz. Each year since 2005, with help from the Milagro Foundation, Dr. Sandoval’s resourcefulness and passionate devotion has brought more services; new medical equipment; and valuable, new partnerships to the clinic. The Telehealth program promises to open up a new world of hope for Tiopa patients, but funding is needed to make the program self-sustaining.

Working with our friends at CMV, the R&R Partners Foundation has created for Tiopa a beautiful new logo, a website and a gorgeous, emotional video featuring Carlos Santana, Dr. Sandoval and several residents of Autlán who desperately need the advanced medical care that Telehealth will bring.

On December 10, 2015, the first fundraising event to benefit Tiopa was organized by Julie Murray and her staff at Moonridge Group; and hosted by Carlos Santana, along with Bill and Wendy Hornbuckle at their home in Henderson, Nevada. The R&R Partners Foundation video touched the hearts of nearly 100 attendees that evening and helped to deliver the first deposit to the Tiopa Telehealth Fund.

We wanted to share the video with you here, as well as some photos from the event, and we look forward to updating you on CMV and R&R’s ongoing partnership with Carlos Santana and his Milagro Foundation.

As Carlos likes to say, “It is a blessing to be a blessing.”