We accomplish our mission by focusing on four program areas: in-kind donation of services, internally-driven social initiatives, contributions & donations and consultations.


At Foundation leadership and partner office discretion, nonprofit organizations and local government agencies in our communities are invited to apply for an in-kind donation of R&R Partners’ services.  As a marketing communications firm, we provide our recipients with the assistance they need to develop a clear brand message for their organizations or cause.  We provide services in areas such as research, social media, event management, public relations, advertising, and government affairs. While certain organizations are approved for more continuous services throughout the year, some organizations are helped on a per project basis.


At the discretion of the Foundation leadership, the agency will take on specific issues of high importance to the partners and employees. The entire organization will play a role in strategizing, designing, and implementing a unique and unexpected solution to the chosen issue.  This program represents our desire to fulfill the passions of our employees while having a significant impact on a single issue where R&R’s expertise can be a “game-changer.”


In addition to our program focus areas, our annual budget is developed to support community organizations with monetary donations in each of our markets.


The extent of help needed by organizations in our community greatly outweighs the Foundation’s ability to take on pro-bono clients.  In an effort to find more ways to be of service, we provide non-client organizations with consultative services when possible that may include strategic brainstorms and mini-labs.