Randy Snow

Randy’s penchant for physically demanding sports is indicative of creative drive … always striving for the next brilliant idea, always mindful of outwitting his competitors. He’ll tell you that in business, as in sports, there are no second chances. And that winning the battle for market leadership isn’t about budget. It’s about knowing your audience and inspiring them to act.

Becoming a long-distance runner takes an intensity and sheer force of will that not many people can maintain. For Randy, its second nature … just another day, bone against blacktop, pushing against the elements and fatigue, emerging victorious, only to tackle it with the same ferocity the next day. This all-in attitude tells you everything you need to know about his approach to a client’s challenge. He’ll also tell you that marketing success comes from creativity and perseverance, not necessarily from having the biggest budget. In his role as chief strategic officer, he provides strategic guidance to our clients, which span a wide range of industries – from travel and tourism to energy and utilities to public transit and health care.

Perhaps the best example of Randy’s tenacity is the fact that the legendary “What happens here, stays here” campaign saw the light of day. A germ of an idea from two young copywriters in his charge, he knew it deserved a hearing and the rest is history. He’s been pushing that creative burn for more than 25 years.