Lock of the Irish

R&R’s signature Mullet is no more. But thanks to Pat Carrigan’s willingness to lose his locks, and the generosity of the R&R family, $10,000 is going to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s efforts to fund childhood cancer research.

Employees, vendors, family and friends donated $8,363.38 — and the agency graciously kicked in the remainder to bring the donation to an even 10K — before watching the historic shearing Tuesday. Carrigan’s family was in attendance and the ceremony was shown to satellite offices via video conference.

“I was asked what my price was to shave off my mullet for St. Baldrick’s,” said Carrigan. “I’ve had this thing since Madonna was singing ‘Material Girl,’ so I had to make it a real challenge. I tossed out $5,000 by St. Paddy’s Day and darn if my co-workers didn’t hit that mark in five days. They must really want it gone … all eight of our offices jumped in.”

But nobody was happier than the actual Mullet himself. Mully, as his friends call him, measured over 10” and will be donated to Locks of Love. He later compared his historic detachment to making parole.

“About friggin’ time! Finally, FREEDOM is mine,” said Mullet. “You don’t know what it’s been like clinging to the back of that dome like the ivy on the Wrigley Field wall for all of those years. I’ve been back there since, I don’t know, since Pat had that crush on Madonna and used to sing ‘Material Girl’ every day in the shower. Brutal.”

Mully, who hopes to make a career auditioning for wig stands, said he’s grateful for his relationship with Carrigan but acknowledged it was time to move on.

“It was time to cut ties, literally and figuratively,” Mully said. “Honestly, I’m a little worried about Pat. I know he’s gonna be reaching back there, wondering where I am … it’s gonna screw with him for a while and I’m not sure he’s got his head wrapped around it all yet. And I oughta know.”

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. St. Baldrick’s coordinates its signature head-shaving events worldwide where participants collect pledges to shave their heads in solidarity with kids with cancer, raising money to fund research.

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