The Discovery

In 2005, the vision was born for a world-class children’s museum in Reno, a vibrant answer to a growing community need. The goal was to create a life laboratory for kids, a place of hands-on collaboration where they would be free to explore the wonders of nature, science, society and technology. All they needed was $20 million.

This would seem to be a lofty goal for a small town in Northern Nevada, but the desire to create a place where curiosity is encouraged and childhood exuberance is celebrated quickly gained wide support. The Nevada Discovery Museum Capital Campaign was planned that same year and the R&R Partners Foundation was approached to develop a brand strategy, develop fundraising materials and employ community outreach and public relations to launch the effort and achieve momentum.

Case Studies

  • The Discovery

    The R&R campaign focused on the impact that such an institution would have on the community and its educational system, and raised a rallying cry for parents, educators and the community at...

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